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Three serious Linux kernel security holes

CVE-2016-8655, CVE-2016-6480, and CVE-2016-6828The latest three kernel vulnerabilities are designated CVE-2016-8655, CVE-2016-6480, and CVE-2016-6828. Of these, CVE-2016-8655 is the worst of the bunch. It enables local users, which can include remote users with virtual and cloud-based Linux instance...

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Migrating from Apache & mod_php to Nginx & PHP-FPM

Why we migrated... Simply put, it was the best decision we have made about our application infrastructure this year. In our particular case we have noticed (what feels like) upwards of 200% speed increase in request times and asset loading. Now we are not saying that apache is trash, but we are...

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Netgear users advised to stop using routers

Several leading Netgear routers are vulnerable to a severe security flaw.Netgear's R7000 and R6400 routers, running current and recent firmware respectively, are vulnerable to an arbitrary command injection flaw. If exploited, the vulnerability could let an unauthenticated attacker run commands w...

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